Minutes of the first General Assembly

The first General Assembly of the GDRI Linear Logic took place in Bologna, on Feb 2016 the 2nd. The following decisions have been made.

Activities for 2016 and early 2017

Handbook on LL

One of the objectives of the GDRI LL will be the production of a collective reference book on Linear Logic. This effort, already initiated by them a few years ago, will be coordinated by Claudia Faggian (PPS) and Olivier Laurent (LIP). A coordination meeting will be organized during one of the 2016 GDRI-LL workshops.

Popularizing the ideas of LL

As proposed by Michele Abrusci, one of the efforts will be to popularize the ideas and methodologies introduced by LL towards 3 identified scientific communities:

To this effects, other schools will be organized for young researchers as well as master and PhD students, following the same pattern as the automn school on LL and philosophy of Nov 2016, Lyon. These three communities having clearly distinct natural connections with LL (philo: logic of interaction; maths: algebra, categories; computer science: resource management, complexity) the main feature of this programme will be to conceive these events keeping in mind the target communities and their interests.

External participants

The coordinators of the GDRI LL will get in touch with colleagues interested by LL outside France and Italy (mainly in Germany and in the UK) and propose them to take part to some of our activites on a regular basis. The purpose of this effort is to slowly widen the GDRI community in Europe.

Web site

The domain name linear-logic.org will be bought by the GDRI LL and a web site for the GDRI LL will be set up in this domain by Emmanuel Beffara on one of the servers of the LIP (Lyon). This web site will

Points to be further discussed